Question: I was recommended by a friend who went to Leadership Breakthrough 1 who said it was a “life changing experience”. However when I asked for more details – she was sketchy and said “all will be revealed”.


Leadership Breakthrough I is an experiential course. Which means there are a lot of exercises and games you will do with other people in the class – to help derive eye-opening lessons.

You and your classmates will be put through a series of exercises – which you will need to navigate through in order to graduate at the end. Part of the reason the course is so successful – is the exercises in the course are a complete surprise for the students – and it is by mastering them that they get their greatest sense of achievement and learning.

Your friend probably feels that by telling you too much she may ruin the experience for you.

For many people who attend Leadership Breakthrough I – it is a very personal experience. One of the things our students do when they first arrive – is decide what it is they want to work through and achieve during the two and a half days. At the end of the course – even though everyone’s ideal outcome for the course is a lot of times very different from each other - each are surprised how the course delivered and exceeded their expectations. This is another reason why people say it is hard to explain what you will get from the course.

This course is like any other – and some say it is the toughest leadership course they have ever been through.

In Leadership Breakthrough I, you attend with people you have never met before. Unlike our other courses and classes – this is the only one with this prerequisite.

You will be pushed to realize your greatest potential. We won’t lie – you will be made a little uncomfortable at times – and your trainers and facilitators will help you break through some outdated beliefs or anchors on what you believe you are truly capable of.

The best way to find out more – without ruining the surprises – is to speak to a Rapport Leadership Training Advisor. You can also read through our testimonials.

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