Week 11 Rapport Breakthrough Teams

Leadership chartWEEK 11: Living “At Cause”

Living “At Cause” is all about personal power. We all have a choice in how we think, respond, feel and act as we move through life. When we make the choice to be “At Cause,” we make choices that generate positive thoughts, emotions,and behaviors.

When we are “in effect” we react to events and situations allowing them to control our attitude, feelings, actions and overall energy. A person “in effect” ultimately avoids taking responsibility and looks to blame, justify and make excuses for their life.

For many individuals this happens on an unconscious level. This Rapport Breakthrough Team meeting is about getting conscious of our thoughts, attitude, and behaviors.

Review the Cause versus Effect chart below.


In the now moment



Passionate and enthusiastic


Taking action

Acknowledging what is

Open to learning and growing

Focused on creative solutions

Self mastery


Living in the past

Lack of direction


Existing and shut down




Close minded



Discuss where the energies of being “In Effect” show up in your personal and business life. On a flip chart, create a list of ways to move from being “In Effect” to living “At Cause.”


Reflect on each of your past 11 meetings.Write down one key insight for each meeting and bring to share with the members of your Rapport Breakthrough Team.

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